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B & B Ristorante


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Las Vegas, NV


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1 review for B & B Ristorante

B & B Ristorante
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Also in The Venetian...great place for entertaining clients

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The service was excellent so we really could not bring ourselves to tell the waiter serving us that we really did not enjoy our food.I guessed the untouched should have been a clue. Anyway the food is seriously salty. I could not believe myself when I first tasted it. Some body needs to check if the chef has lost his taste buds. All that otherwise delicious food have gone to waste. No wonder the big bottles of water were going fast. It did n't help that the food bin was in a unstrategic location facing out to the dining area where the diners facing the kitchen could witness all the plates of leftover scrapped off into the bin. It was not a good sight that I can tell you!

Being ardent supporter of Mario Batali in Iron chef America, we were excited to come to Las Vegas to finally try his food in more than one restaurant. We are foodies and travel around the world to try different gourmets.

We have left with a bitter aftertaste (partly due to the overdosage of salt).


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