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Modern & Advanced Clubs -- Callaway X-22 Irons

London, NV • 07/06/2012

In terms of distance though, despite the powerful ball flight, the X-22 irons don't really give you any more yardage than most others on the market. However accuracy and forgiveness are always more important qualities to look for in an iron.In terms of forgiveness the X-22s definitely turn out to be a very trust-worthy set of irons.

Special Techs. Of this discount golf sets on

Modified Tru-Bore
VFT Technology
Tour-Inspired Head Shape
Precision Notch Weighting

They are designed and weighted with the idea of giving you more distance, and greater forgiveness. Callaway X-22 at best discount price are the most recent clubs in the X series, and thus the latest in a long line of clubs regarded by many as a market leader in terms of game improvement and forgiveness.From what we saw you definitely do not need to hit these clubs perfectly to produce a reasonable shot, even on the more intimidating longer irons. >>

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Located: London, NV


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