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Bill (WANNABE WILBUR)Swift and Deborah(LA DE DUH) Lillywhite

Las Vegas, NV • 08/31/2007

I want to share my stoty with you about TWO real Estate AGENT'S in Vegas.When I bought my home these people (BILL) told me I would be able to refinance in 2 MTS.Being a first time buyer I di take their WORD for it.Bill also offered to loan me the $6000 for the earnest money.He also BACKED out of that.My question:Is it LEGAL for a person to make offers like this and give MISLEADING INFORMATION?I think there is a SERIOUS ETHIC'S problem here.If you are dealing with these people,I URGE you to find someone else to deal with.I don't want to see you end up like I have.BE CAREFUL!!!


Posted by: OhSoHandy User

Located: Las Vegas, NV

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